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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Squealing With Glee!! Looky What Mr. UPS Just Brought Me!!!

Hey Guys! Happy Thursday to you! I just HAD to hop online and share something! I was sitting at my desk finishing up my recipe cards for a swap I'm in when the UPS man knocked on my door. Well, I was thinking it was my goodies I ordered with my Cricut Reward Points, but no no, the box was way too big! So I look on the label and it says 'Edwards Chevrolet' on it. My husband was like, what on earth did you order from there? I was like, I didn't order anything...promise! LOL.

Well it suddenly dawned on me...my good friend Sheila works at a car dealership I think! I was right!!!! As you may remember, I helped Sheila jazz up her bog "She's A Sassylady" last week. Well I want you to look what that sweet woman sent me!!! It's a new PINK handbag!!! Ahhhh! Ok, if you know me, you know anything pink and my heart squeals with delight! LOL! Isn't this the CUTEST?!!!!!
 And to make it doubly cute, she had my name monogrammed on it! Ok y'all, I monogram everything! Either my name, my 'belle' nickname, or our initials are on everything we have! We are just big on putting our mark on stuff! How did Sheila know?!!!
 AND it came with a coordinating make up bag! Ahhhh!!!!!
Y'all I am just about too excited for my own good! I almost cried when I read her BEAUTIFUL card and opened the gift! Now, how SWEET was that for her to do?!! Thank you SOOOOOO much Sheila! I am so appreciative of such a thoughtful gift and will put it to use right away! It's absolutely perfect! However, I won't share the card as I know Sheila will want to share that on her blog later. Man, am I blessed with the most wonderful friends or what?! Thank you Sheila! BIG hugs!

Ok, back to scrapping if I can contain my excitement! Tee Hee!
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Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Oh I am so happy it made it there safely.... although I knew it wouldn't break.... Now I want you to know that the little matching bag will hold your Gypsy... I know because I took my Gypsy to the store and we kept trying bags till we found one that would fit just right, so if you ever need a place for it to hide out you know it will fit. My Gypsy woman was not happy as she thought she was getting a new outfit! LOL
Again I thank you for all the work you did in putting my "new look" together! ENJOY!