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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm So Excited!!!!

Hey yall! Guess what? Brandon just bought me the Sure Cuts A Lot software for my Cricut Expression! I am so excited and can't wait to learn how to use this program to cut anything I want!! Whoo hoo! It is a anniversary gift! Wasn't that so sweet? He had been listening to me ramble on about it for weeks and out of the blue got it for me!!! I tell ya, he's a keeper! Giggle!

Anyways, I hope yall have a great weekend! I am scrappin' this weekend so I hope to have some new stuff to put up. Thanks for droppin' by!!!
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"Um Buggin" said...

Congrats Amyee!! I hope you enjoy it, I had to return mine due to too many bugs in the system. They couldn't seem to get it correct. I'm sad about not having it, but I only used it one time before it starting to act up. Hope yours is ok, enjoy!

Hugz, xx


Karen said...

WOO HOO ! What a fab present. Hope you have loads of fun playing with it.

Have a lovely weekend.
Love Karen x

Taffy said...

HOw exciting!! Lemme know if you need any help.. I had mine for a while but then again, i went on a 2 month hiatus ;) You're gonna love it! I love mine!! :) (i wanna upgrade for $30.00 the SCAL 2)

I'm so glad you took the plunge and know it wont' hurt your bug at all.

You should join the forum at craftedge - you'll meet alot of talented people on the board and lots of freebies! :)

Kray said...

Can't wait to see what delightful work you will do with it!

Suzy said...

Congrats Amyee! You are going to love SCAL. I have it and use it on almost every project. Let me know if you are looking for something, I have tons of files saved from varius places.