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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I've Been Up To This Weekend

Hey everyone! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. I had a wonderful weekend. I got to spend some quality time with the hubby and just had a really good time. First, I'd like to share my card for one of our challenges at Cuttlebug Challenges Blogspot. Our challenge this Saturday was to weave. Here is a link to the challenge:


I've done some weaving before, but this was so fun. I would of never thought to emboss over the weaving! I also made my own fabric flower by using my friend Cristal's fabric flower tutorial. This is all new to me, but it was very easy and so fun!!! Here is my card:

Next, I did a few Valentine note cards to stick in with some packages that I mail out each month. These were all really simple and quick! Gotta love that!

Last, I just had to share with yall my deal of the century! LOL. While Brandon and I were out and about yesterday, we stopped by HobbyTown USA. Brandon is into the model train thing and wanted to go in and look. Well, the Salvation Army store is also in the same shopping center. We had never been in there, so decided to sneak a peek. I bought this table to use as a sewing table for $5.99!!!!!!! Can you believe that?! I was so excited all day! Now, it's straight out of the 70's and needs an 'Aymee' touch up, but that is what paint is for, right? So I am going to fix it up asap. But for now, here it is. I love it! It's really sturdy and has 7 dwarers. Perfect for me! So go dig in those stores ladies! You never know what you will find!!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! Take care! I'm off to scrap!
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Alison said...

Beautiful cards!! Your woven card is STUNNING - loving that fabric flower!!!
peace & love
Alison xx

campbelljudy1228 said...

Once again, those are some beautiful cards. The weaving cards are cute. I love the colors you used. It looks a little hard too me. Your Valentine cards are cute also. Your work is awesome.

Taffy said...

Great findk at your Thrift store!! I love thrift stores!! I went to goodwill today w/my friend and i got a fancy wine opener for $2.00!!

anyway, diggen on your cards.. WTG!! I love your techies.. awesome gurl!!

Kray said...

Wow! You got a great deal on the sewing table. You can either refinish it (depending on the wood) or just paint it a color you would want.....you go girl!

I so love your cards. I am going to have to try that woven card.

Once again...you do great work!

michele said...

your cards are way beyond professional...the weavinng and the flower are so fun! Love the colors that you chose.

Carter'smomaw said...

Those cards are so pretty. I especially love the weaving and the paper folding. Also, those colors are stunning!!!!

BTW, Cristal's flower tutorial is great and you did a great job making!!!


sunshinecardsandjewelry said...

Nice table it was a good catch. Love your site and you music is jumping.

sunshinecardsandjewelry said...
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Eveline said...

Beautiful weave card and great Valentine cards. That table looks great too. I'm addicted to thrift stores and love to get a bargain.

sunshinecardsandjewelry said...

I love your blog, and I meant that your music is kicking, jamming I love it I just want to stay on and listen keep it going. Have a great day and thanks for looking at my blog.

sunshinecardsandjewelry said...

I said popping that means jamming I love it I could stay on and listen all day. Keep it going.

Cassie said...

beautiful! love the weaving card - the butterfly and flower are so awesome! i just got some big jumbo flowers like that at joann's in the dollar aisle to use on a card!

Rleen said...

Hi Aymee,
I love your gorgeous card. The weaving and the flower looks fabulous! And your other cards are gorgeous too. You did a wonderful job! TFS!


LORI said...

Aymee, Your weave card is AMAZING!! Thanks for playing along!!!