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Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey yall! I just had to share! I have recently had the privilege to meet the nicest lady. Her name is Kate and she is on the Hallmark Ladybug team. Her work is just phenominal! Well, her and her husband design some of the most beautiful pieces with the use of her Pazzles cutting machine. I contacted her and told her of my love for Gone With the Wind. If you don't know by now, I am the biggest GWTW fan you will ever meet! It is what inspired my name on all the message boards. I do collect stuff from the movie and hope to one day have a scrappy room fit for a true southernbelle decorated with all my GWTW stuff. Well, I asked Kate if she could do a Scarlett O'hara for me. Of course, I had to choose my personal favorite...Scarlett in the blue dress. Kate emailed me today with the final pix. I just HAD to show yall! She is unbelievable!!!!!! I can't wait to see it in real life. I am going to do a layout with this on it and frame it. She is 11" tall. Isn't she gorgeous???

Here is the picture that Kate used to go by:

And here is the real thing. Isn't is just amazing!!???!!!

I am in LOVE. I want to thank Kate and her husband, Julio so much!!!! I love it and look forward to working with yall for the next piece!

If you would like to visit one awesome blog, go to Kate's blog! I always love seeing all that she does! She is truly one talented scrapper! Here is the link to her blog:


Have a great weekend yall!
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Carter'smomaw said...

that has such intricate detail!!!! it is sooooo goooood!!! you are probably already gathering all your "stuff" to do that lo/pic!!!! I am so proud for you.

what pic is next?


Kate said...

Thanks GF!! You sure know how to give a WONDERFUL comment and make a girl blush!! ;) You are too SWEET!!

We are just too HAPPY that you LOVE it as much, if not more, then us!! Thanks for the recognition.. I surely appreciate it!! :)

Ashley Rv said...

Wow! I agree Kate is the nicest person and her and Julio do amazing work! Wow! I mean holy Wow This is amazing!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome !!! Kate does great work.

Jessabells said...

Omg, that is beautiful.Wow!