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Monday, December 1, 2008

Cropped With Michele Today

Hey yall! How are ya today? Good I hope! I got to crop with my good friend Michele today at her house. I just love scrapping with her. We have so much in common and like alot of the same stuff. We had such a good time! Thank you to Michelle! I appreciate it!!!

I got 2 layouts done. This first one is for a project on JS. We are making an album for someone in the hospital. Here is my LO for the book. Isn't that little bird adorable? I'm in love! It's on a new cart I have called Home Decor. Love it! The flourish and word 'faith' are from Home Accent's. This is my first ever 8x8 LO. The album will be 8x8. It is different for me, but fun.

Then, I did this LO for Carter. His new word is 'hilarous.' But he prounounces it 'hi-lair-wious!' He is so funny! Love that child to pieces! So this one is for him! If he gets to see it, let him know how much Aunt Mamie loves him with all her heart!!! I cut the title out with one of Michele's carts, which I now know I must have! LOL! We are all a bunch of enablers, let me tell you.

Thanks for stopping by! I am gonna take a day off tomorrow. I may even stay in my jammies! I am still not over this sickness. I ended up going to the ER on the way home from our crop. I got some antibiotics, so hopefully, with some rest, I can get over this mess! Please pray for all us sick one's! Several of the girls on Just Scrappin are sick too. Also, say a special prayer for my friend on JS, Jenny. Thanks yall! Take care! Stay warm! Hugs!
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Kray said...

Aymee, once again a very nice job. I am going to do my in-laws their name album in the 8x8 size. Will not get them done by Christmas.

Hope you are feeling better today. I think I am staying in my jammies today too.

scrappin_mom3 said...

feel better GF!! For being a sickie you sure did kick out some great LO's!! L-O-V-E them both!

michele said...

you went to the ER fir antibiotics? GF...you were hiding that sickness from me. Thanks again for all you help on Monday...such fun times. I can't wait until we crop again!!!

Taffy said...

you got some great stuff done. Awesome!! :)

Hope you feel better, which i'm sure you are.. since it's been a while.. LOL