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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Been A Busy Lil' Elf!!!!

Hey everyone! How's it goin? Well, I don't know about you, but this weekend has flown by for me!!! I've been so busy! First, I have been altering the last of the vintage window's. This first one is another Victorian themed one that I pieced together with the use of my Cricut Expression. I used the Christmas Solutions cart for the whole thing. I really put alot of time and effort into this. I hope it will show. It is for my bff, my mom:

Next, I painted the rest of the snowman window's. There are 7 in all, but I've already posted one. So here are the last 6. These were fun, but took me forever to do. I hope they look okay.

Last, I was one out of 10 nominated for a "if life hands you lemons, make lemonade" award. Yay! I just love meeting new people through blogging. Thank you to Jaime for this award!!! You can visit her blog here:


The rules are that I put the logo on my blog, and I have to nominate 10 blogs that I read that show a great attitude! Below me are the links to 10 Bloggers that I think deserve this award! Some of these Bloggers probably don't know I exist yet, but I enjoy reading! So stick to the rules and post this on your blog, and nominate 10 others. In no particular order here is my list:

1.Cristal http://blueyecicle.blogspot.com/
2.Karen B http://craftscrapper.blogspot.com/
3.Cherrie http://floridagirlagain.blogspot.com/
4.Karen http://kray-becomingabigtimescrapper.blogspot.com/
5.Michele http://alighttouch.blogspot.com/
6.Kate http://katiebeescrappin.blogspot.com/
7.Kerri http://kerrikr8tions.blogspot.com/
8.Georgina http://ibggrl.blogspot.com/
9.Tracy http://worldofboyz.blogspot.com/
10.Cindy http://cincpa.blogspot.com/

Man! I wish I could of picked more! I follow so many awesome blogs! Gotta love bloggin'.

Well, I hope all of you are enjoying your evening. Take care of yourselves. Brandon and I are leaving to go to Bama tomorrow to visit family for the Christmas holiday. So it may be a day or so before I post again. But I wish all of you the very best Christmas! Enjoy your families! Thank you, as always, for stopping by!

Hugs! Aymee
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Kray said...

These are great! They are perfect!

Almost done w/ my album...taking pictures of the finished product, will put them on my blog soon.

Karen said...

Hey there!!! Thank you so much - you are just way too sweet!!! I was on my way to bed when I saw your message so I'll get on this tomorrow!!! Love ya and have a Merry Christmas!!!

Georgina said...

Aymee, these came out fantastic.. Your mom will love that one you made for her.. how awesome!! and thanks for the nomination.. =) =) =)

Cindy said...

Your windows are just beautiful !! You've put a lot of hard work into those. I'm sure your mom will just love hers.

Thanks so much for the blog award and for thinking of me. That's so sweet of you.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Carter'smomaw said...

Wow!!!!! You are too good to me. I LOVE the new window!!!! I can barely wait for you to get here to see you most of all and put up that new (absolutely gorgeous) window above my fireplace). All the snowmen windows are cute too. I haven't picked out my favor (as Carter would say) one though. Try not to work too hard today. See you soon,


Baseballmom said...

Amyee, these are just beautiful!!! I'm going to BEG for the details and instructions. I know my sister would love this. Ya'll have great trip and keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Aymee those windows are gorgeous !!! I love them all - You are very talented girl!!!

michele said...

thanks for the award, hun. I will get to this over the holidays and post my 10 favorite blogs...fun!

YOur windows are absolutely perfect. I love them. So thoughtful and so cool. Your recipients are going to love them too.

Have a safe trip to and from Bama. Enjoy the holidays and i will talk to you when you return.