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Monday, March 22, 2010

Home At Last!!!!

Hey there guys!!!! Happy Monday! Brandon and I finally made it back home late last night. We had a fabulous time in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. It was so nice to get away. BUT, sad news!!! We had took some fabulous pix and I am afraid I have lost them all. My SD card went bonkers!!! I just cried in the car! It broke my heart! But, I am working today to see if they can be recovered. If not, I will be just devastated!!! But, Brandon has promised to take me back soon so we can take some more. Anyways, I am still so tired, but gotta get some stuff done today. I need to put away all of our stuff and straighten up the house. It looks like a tornado has hit! Our luggage, gifts, mail, etc. is strewn all over the apartment!!! LOL! I also want to put out my Easter stuff. I'll share some pix if I get that done today. On the Easter subject, I wanted to share Carters Easter portraits with yall. Here is the link:


Once there, click on ' online sessions '.
Then you will want to click on ' Caressa Fretwell ' (that's my SIL)
Then a box will pop up and you need to type ' Easter ' into it.

Then it will let you view all of the pix. You can click on the first one and it will bring it up big.

Oooh, also, wanted to share that when Brandon picked up our mail, I had received a copy of the Hobby Lobby publication (Stamping, Stationery, and Scrapbooking) that I have 3 layouts in!!! I am so excited! So, if you have a Hobby Lobby near ya, check it out if ya want. It is the 2nd Quarter Issue. I am going to try to take pix though and will share if I can. I am not sure what the procedure is on that kind of thing, but I'm gonna find out.

Anyways, I hope yall are having a fabulous day so far! It's so good to be back! I have missed yall!

Have a wonderful day! Happy Scrappin'!
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Pinky said...

I recovered over 500 pictures on my in laws SD card when they FORMATTED it here. It is totally possible girl. I know the program too, email me