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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boardbooks for Kelly and Melissa~Part Two

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! It's a rough Thursday so far for me. I am afraid I have a ear infection!!! Ugh! I also have a lot of congestion, so I am feeling rough. I am taking some meds though and hope to feel better asap! I hate being sick! I am one of those people that never ever gets sick and it just messes up everything when I do! LOL. But, the show must go on!!! So, last night, Mom and I sat down to complete the boardbook order I had told you about yesterday.

I finished up the book for a little girl named Olivia. The theme consisted of: purple/pink, flowers, peace signs/groovy, ballet, dance, and friends. Mom created the majority of the paper dolls for this book so all I had to do was add them in where I needed them. I cut the rest that you see and added embellishment.

Again, you will have to excuse these pix too. I got the best I could, but these pictures do not do the books near the justice they deserve! They are so much more colorful than what is coming through in the pictures. It has been raining and just plain blah here for weeks and I cannot get outside in the sun to snap pix. So I tried my best to take pix in the sunroom today. So I hope you can tell some about these.

Note: I got this as big as I could, but if you would like to see it bigger, you can follow this link. I would recommend that you do follow the link because not only can you see the pix bigger, but it will start at the beginning for ya. :)

Now, you must go on over and check out the boardbooks that Mom did. They are just super cute!!! Here is the link to her blog for ya:


As always, thanks for stoppin' in today! I am off to Gatlinburg tomorrow for a little 2 day vacay with the hubby. It's about half of the way home for us. So I'll be headed back up to PA on Sunday. Then all should return to normal and I will resume posting on a regular basis. I sure do miss scrappin' and bloggin' with all of you guys! :)

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend! God Bless and Happy Scrappin'!
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Dayna said...

These are so great!!! Beautiful job ladies!! Those girls are going to just love your boardbooks!!