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Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday pix to share...

Hey guys! Well, I finally and back at home in PA after a loooonnnnngggg drive home! I am exhausted, but wanted to share some birthday pix with ya right quick.

First, on Saturday, we all got together to watch the Bama game...Roll Tide!!!! Brandon got me a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. It was delicious!!!!

Carter had to help me blow out my candles and cut the cake. He was so sweet!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to a birthday dinner at Red Lobster with Brandon's parents. Here we are before we left.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful evening! I'm off to rest some before bed. Hugs!

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TracyP said...

Oh Cute PICS!!!! Looks like you had a Wonderful BIrthday:)
Glad you are home:) Get some Rest!

Judy said...

Aymee, Happy Birthday to you!

Dawn said...

Glad you had a great birthday sweetie!

Nilda said...

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this is the only way I can get to you. .I think there is a problem with your email

DonnaMundinger said...

Happy Birthday Aymee! (Okay, I'm a day late but I was gone all day yesterday!) Great pix! What, you haven't scrapped them yet? LOL xxD

Kray said...

Looked like you had a great birthday! Carter is such a cutie!

Sandy said...

Looks like lots of fun....Happy Birthday....hope it was all you wanted and more!

MrsMomma said...

Happy Birthday, Aymee! Yum, ice cream cake is delicious!

It's Jenn! said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! You are now as old as me! That cake looked tasty and I'm glad you enjoyed your special day =)

jeannine said...

Glad you had a great birthday...cute pix!

Brenda said...

awww how awesome you got to get away for your birthday! you look sooo happy!
thanks for sharing your photos Aymee!!

Taffy said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful bday!!

I read somewhere you got a BIA (you have some many blogs & such I have a hard time keeping up w/you) ;)

but i thought you might like this link..

also it'll take you to zutter zisters website.. join it & it gives you plenty of ideas and such.

Have fun!!

Lydia Siegel said...

AWESOME PHOTOS! Looks like your bday was a good one.

itsabrt said...

Happy Birthday GF I am sorry your card was sent off so late this is my world! Wow you look perdy in the last picture and is your dining room table always that lovely? If so you are my idol! Beth