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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Hey everyone! I hope each of you are having a wonderful day! I haven't blogged in a few days, which is so not like me. But I have been one busy chick! As many of you know, my scrappy area was in my living room. Well, the past few days, I have moved all of it into our guest room/office. Man, it was a tough task, but I am soooo glad that I did. I now have so much more space and light. Now remember, we live in an itty bitty apt, so I can not paint the walls like I would like to. Many of the pieces in here do not match either, but it is so functional and I am very thankful and proud of it. So ya wanna see???? Here is my new 'southernbelle's' scraproom! LOL

First, this is a pic of the room as you walk through the doorway. Of course, I've got all my Gone With the Wind stuff in here. That is my absolute favorite movie/book and inspired my screen name on all the boards. I hung up a new valence that coordinates in color. It has little tassels on the bottom and I just love it. I know it may look a little cramped, but believe me, it is 2 times the amount of space I had before and flows so much better. I set everything up around the perimeter of the room.

On the door, I hung my 3 'punch pouches' from The Dollar Tree. They are really bath accessory organizers, but make the best punch pouches in the world. I was able to fit 3 on the door. So when I run out of room in these, I can put 3 more on the back of the door too. LOL.

This is my cricut station. I have a layout that I did about myself and being a scrapaholic framed. But I think I want to take this out and replace it with a Gone With the Wind layout. I have all of my cricut cartridges on a coordinating shelf. Then the other love of my life (LOL) is on the top of this cabinet, my Cricut Expression. I really need a cover for it, but am having a hard time finding one I want. So for now, I put a dish towel over it.

This is a view of my work space. I kept most of this the same as it was in the living room. This set up puts everything that I use the most right at my fingertips. Also, you will notice a white lunch bag taped on the desk. This is about the only solution for trash that I have found that works for me. I've tried trash cans. They always get knocked over. I've tried a garbage bowl on top of the desk and it too is either in the way or gets knocked over. This way is soooo much easier for me. I just tape this to the desk. When it's full, I either empty it to reuse or toss the whole thing. A very affordable solution for me.

Here is a closer view of the cabinet my baby sits on. This is actually a closet organizational piece that I bought at K Mart for like $8. I got it on clearance and it was a steal, let me tell ya! I keep 3 shoebox plastic bins on each shelf. Each of these shelves pull out for easier access. In the bins are things like ribbon, trim, flowers, chipboard alphas, chipboard, fibers, die cuts, etc. I have pulled out the sliding drawers so you can see.

Next, this is a view of the top of my work space. I have 2 lamps. I need alot of light when I scrap. Our apt. can get so dark. On the desk top, I always keep my portable Fiskars trimmer and my Creative Memories mat. As you can see, I have my next project supplies already out and ready to begin. I have all of my tools in little coaster boxes that I made. To the left, are 2 plastic cabinets that I use alot. The top one is my rubber stamp storage. I love this! I got it at Staples for $20 I think. I keep all of my stamps lined up and organized in here. The top of it is great too. It is divided into little sections and I keep things like paint, adhesives, extra blades, etc. on top for easy access. The red 4 drawer cabinet underneath houses my sb pens/markers, chalks, watercolor supplies, Stickles, cutting systems, heat embossing supplies, etc. Then next to the 2 cabinets on the wall, I have my architects lamp and boxes for my white studio. This is what I take all my pix of my work in. I love how it folds flat for easy storage.

I've even utilized the extra space underneath my desk. I have a bigger 3 drawer cabinet where I keep things like paints, extra scrappy stuff, etc in. I also keep my 2 sticker totes to the right. Also, and I know you can't see it, but I have an extension cord sticking out so that it is easy to reach when I'm ready to heat emboss. I love not having to dig for a cord or search for an outlet.
Next, here is a view of the black rubber stamp cabinet I mentioned above. On the top, you can see all of my supplies I use quite often. In the little silver tin, I keep altered paper clips. I like to use the to clip up an sketch or to do list I might be working on at my desk. I just open up the top drawer on my cabinet a tad and clip it up. All of the drawers are labeled and organized according to what is in them.
Here is a view of the red cabinet underneath the black one. It houses other scrappy supplies that I mentioned above. I keep everything in this cabinet divided with these little plastic containers I got at Wal Mart. Very affordable!!!!!
Next, this is my dry erase/cork board combo. I keep things like to do's and reminders written on the dry erase part. Then I like to hang things that I've either made or received on the cork part. I love to look up there and see the mementos from trips. It always brings a smile to my face. As you can see now, I've mainly got stuff from the recent Fiskafrenzy I attended in Nashville. I also have my sign that I made for a challenge there too. This place really is 'A Southernbelle's Sanctuary.'

This is my sewing center. To the right, you will notice a big black looking cabinet. This is actually my paper organizer. It came with this dust cover to help protect your paper. I keep solid cardstock separated by color in here. I also have my holiday paper broken up into the various holidays. Next to it, on the floor, is another clear paper organizer. This is where I sort my various paper by manufacturer. To the left is my sewing table. I LOVE to sew on my work! My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas this past year and I don't know what I did before I had this baby! LOL. I got this table for a steal at our local Salvation army store for $6!!!!! I want to paint it white and put gold hardware on it. I am considering doing that crackle paint on it to help hide some of the blemishes. But for now, it is still straight out of the 70's, but no fear. I will put my spin on it asap. I got my sewing machine cover from the ABC Dist. catalog. It came with a coordinating little basket. I keep any my sewing trash (thread, fabric pieces) in there. Once it is full, I empty it. I keep my fabric in the drawers to the left. The middle drawer is where I house my instructional booklet to the machine and my sewing scissor. Then I keep my thread/bobbins in the top right hand drawer. I still have alot of space to fill up in this thing! LOL

Next, this is another organizational piece that I got. This is actually for a closet too. I keep my cuttlebug on top of here and ready for use. I keep my Cuttlebug on a glass mat. It seems to suction best to that. Next to it, you will notice a binder. This is where I keep my embossing folders/dies organized. Then I have 2 bins where I keep some odd stuff.

Hanging above this cabinet is my stamp pad organizer. I got this on etsy for like $25 I think. I keep all of my ink pads labeled and organized by color. That way I can just walk up, find what I need, pull it out, and get to work.

I pulled out the drawers so you could see. The top drawer houses my supplies for acrylic stamps. I keep all of my acrylic stamps in a binder. I also have my alcohol free baby wipes and acrylic blocks in here. The drawer underneath holds other various crafty supplies I might use such as a hot glue gun, photo cd's, stamped images, etc.

I am sooo excited to have my computer and my scrap room together! This is going to make online croppin' and scrappy chattin' sooooo much easier! Of course, as always, my fave scrappy site is on the monitor....Just Scrappin'. LOL (Excuse the cords...I still have to get those put behind the desk.)

Next to the computer is our massive bookshelf. This thing has got to weigh over 200 lbs with all of our junk in it. I keep our stereo and some GWTW stuff on the top. On the 3rd shelf, I keep my 2 locker bins that I have set up for paper scraps. Solid on the right, patterned on the left. I showed yall that organizational system a while back, so I won't go into that again. LOL. Then on the bottom, I keep my scrappy albums and some 12x12 boxes. I have GOT to go album shopping! I have over 150 LO's not in an album. I have got to get on that!!!

Up close of my locker bins that I use to sort scrap paper.
Ok, in my living room, my scrappy stuff had migrated to the dining room as well. That lets you know how little of space I had. So I took over our bakers rack and use it for scrappy stuff as well. I keep my handmade cards in a box on the top shelf. I also keep my camera box, some GWTW decoration, and some boxes that I sort magazines and other odd stuff in. I also have some scrappy books up here too. Then the wooden middle surface of the bakers rack is my cutting station. I keep my rotary trimmer on here. I love that it too is close to my desk so I can just walk up and cut what I need. Now, you will notice that the bottom of the bakers rack looks a little odd. Well, let me tell you my dilemma. We got all but one of my scrappy cabinets in the room. Well the leftover was this little cabinet I got for free at my mom's school when they were cleaning out a junk room. Well, I just knew I could not give it up. I have to have this in my room. So I took the bottom 2 shelves out of the bakers rack and she fit perfectly! LOL. Talk about riggin' it up! Hey, ya gotta do it sometimes! LOL. I keep all of my paper stacks and scrappy kits organized in this.

Cutting station:

Top of the bakers rack:

Bottom of the bakers rack that I rigged up to meet my needs...I'm still laughin' at this one!

I pulled out the top drawer of this wooden nightstand. I put a cloth placemat down inside to protect my cameras and camera accessories safe.

This pic did not come out to well, but I this is a 3 drawer cabinet where I keep odds and ends. I keep all my cameras and camera accessories in the first drawer. I keep my computer paper in the second drawer. Then in the third drawer are various cd's for computer/scrappy use.

Being the huge Gone With the Wind fan that I am, I had to include some of my favorite decorational pieces througout the room.
For some odd reason, in our apartment, there are no overhead lights in the bedrooms. So I hung this plug in chandilier light from a hook. I concealed the cord behind my GWTW collector dishes.

So there ya have it, my new scrappy room. I hope you will like it. I'm in love!!! Yay! Have a wonderful evening and Happy Valentines day! As always, thanks for stoppin' by!
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Kray said...

I so love it! This rocks!

The Princess said...

AYMEE!! Great organization!! You did awesome!! I am sure you will enjoy it very very much!!

Scrap on!! Hugs, Sara

michele said...

I am in love with this space. I bet you are feeling on top of the world right now. Just think, your own Southernbelle Sanuctuary. Honestly, I cannot believe how much you got done in such a short amount of time. Now I want to get my small space organized. When can we get started? I cannot wait to scrap with you. We need to break the Sanctuary in with a crop. WTG, GF!!!

Angie P said...

I think it totally ROCKS! I'm working on my scrappy room too...right now it's just crappy. I know you must be loving having everything in it's place.

Cee said...

Oh Meemers, I love it.... wow, that is alot of stuff to move and sort and organize in such a short time...... Im so proud for you!! So, whats Brandon saying about your own Private scrappy area? He will miss you when football season starts and your scrappin as he is hollerin at the tv!!!!!! LOL

Carter'smomaw said...

You have a very nice, spacious space to scrap. I knew you would have it all organized logically.

I'm proud of you and for you!!!


Anonymous said...

Aymee it is GREAT !!! Im sure you'll love it in there and I have my computer in the same room as I scrap to - it makes checking boards and chattin and scrappin real easy!!! Have fun with your new space

Tawnya said...

I LOVE that room! I love how creative you are and how you made it specifically yours! Love it!

Ziggyeor said...

OMG this is so awesome! I'm still in the dining room/living room/ hall closet and some in the bedroom storage! I need someone with the organizing gene to come help me! LOL

I love all the Gone With the Wind stuff to make it personal :D

AUsome mom said...

Great, great room Aymee! I know you are so excited to have it all put together and to get so much more space! I love your stamp pad shelves. I may have to invest in a couple of those IF I can find a place to hang them! Hugs....

campbelljudy1228 said...

I love your new scraproom. You did a wonderful job, putting it together. It's nice gettin things for your room, at a bargain. I have a Baker's rack in my scraproom also. It was given to me, by a neighbor, who was relocating to another area of Columbus. She did crafts also, and had no room for it, in their new home. She gave it to me. My cuttlebug is on the wood part of it right now. Have great week! Thanks for sharing your room with everyone.