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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Katie Scarlett's First Birthday

Hey y'all! Well, we celebrated Katie Scarlett's first birthday yesterday! I can't believe my baby is already one! She is growing into such a beautiful little lady! Of course we had to celebrate her big day! And you know me....I tend to go over the top, but hey, it's a party! LOL! That is my story and I'm sticking to it! We held an all pink/black/zebra print themed party for her special day! We had my parents and our neighbors over to celebrate her birthday. We ordered pizza, had lots of yummy goodies, and played with KS. It was so much fun! I took lots of pix and wanted to share them! So here we go....

Katie Scarlett in her big girl bed resting before the party.
 "Mom! I think the guests are arriving!!! Let's get our party on!"
 We transformed the man cave (aka...my hubbys room) into a special place just for her party. Brandon affectionately coined the room party central. LOL! He was so sweet you guys! He and my Daddy helped me rearrange furniture in our house so I could make the room into just what I had envisioned. It all turned out so perfectly! I can't wait to throw another party! Here is the room as you walk in the door...
 Totally girly, totally frilly, totally Katie Scarlett! I love it! I wish I could keep it up all year long but something tells me the hubby would kill me! ;)
 This wreath is hanging on the door as you go into the room. My Mom made this wreath. It is made out of over 250 black/pink/white deflated balloons. It is simply gorgeous in person!
 Here is the wreath from the front. Isn't is amazing?! I love it!
 Mom added a big bow with tulle and ribbon. To the center of the bow, she added a flower embellishment I found at Hobby Lobby.
 The back wall of the party room. The zebra print banner was purchased at Target.
 We spoiled our fellow party goers with lots of sweet treats! I bet they all left with a sugar high! LOL
 Strawberry Kiwi drinks personalized for the big day. My Mom designed these labels with a program she has on her computer called Wrap Candy. They say 'Happy 1st Birthday' and have a silhouette of a Yorkie on them.
 Yum! The candy table...
 We created lots of custom party favors in the pink/zebra print theme. My Mom made all the labels and I either bought or made the treats that went inside the baggies. All of the labels were made with the use of the Wrap Candy software and Cricut cutting machine.
 Chocolate dipped pretzels, Hershey bars, and Sixlets candies....
 Here are the Sixlets candy packs. I found the a pack of pink/white/black Sixlets at Hobby Lobby. We put 1/8 of a cup in each mini treat bag before sealing it shut with the custom label Mom made.
 Here we wrapped Hershey candy bars with a 'thank you' message for our guests.
 Can I just tell you how much I adore these pretzel rods!!! They are so yummy and were so easy to create. I bought the pretzel rods at Wal Mart. They are the 'Rold Gold' brand. I then used my Wilton Chocolate Warmer to melt down some pink chocolate disks. I dipped the pretzel in the pink and let them cool. Then I heated some black chocolate disks and added them to a pastry bag and drizzled back and forth to create the zebra pattern. The little chocolate colored disks are from Wilton as well and I purchased those at Hobby Lobby. Mom made the labels for these as well with the Wrap Candy software. These are so yummy. You bite down and they are sweet but as you start to chew you get that salty kick...oh my word! Yummo!!!!
 These are little peanut butter cookies I made. I found this idea on Pinterest. I took pre made chocolate cookie mix that I bought at Wal Mart and mixed hot pink food coloring in with the wet ingredients. I then added the dry ingredients and mixed until it formed a dough. I then rolled rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into a ball and coated them with pink sanding sugar. I baked for 8 minutes and as soon as they came out of the oven I put a Hershey Hug candy in the center of each cookie. I then let them cool completely on the pan before packaging them. These were so cute and tasty!
 Here are all the cookie favors in a glass bowl.
 Party Favors
 More party favor pictures....are ya getting hungry yet?! :)
 These paper laterns were puchased at Hobby Lobby and were hung above the candy table.
 My Mom created the custom banner on the wall. We started with a pre printed zebra banner that I bought at Target. She then added the embellishemnt to it. The banner has a crown on each end for my princess and then spells out Katie Scarlett. There is a Yorkie with a '1' in the center of the banner. Isn't this so cute?! I love it!
 The Cake Corner
 This wooden sign was created by my Daddy, Mom, and me. Daddy cut the party hat out using wood and sanded it. Mom then painted it pink and hand painted the zebra stripes. Last, I hot glued on the pink fur trim and added the vinyl embellishment to the center.
 I plan on hanging this in her doggy condo for the year. It's so cute!
 I jazzed up this dressform with tulle, ribbon, fur trim, and jewelry.
 The cake table! This cake was for the human guests at the party.
 I made the cake myself. This is my very first 'topsy turvy' cake. The cake has slanted, uneven layers that resemble the topsy turvy cakes you would see in the 'Alice In Wonderland' movie. I used the Fat Daddio's 'Mad Dadder' cake pans to bake the cake. You can find those cake pans HERE. The tiers are 6, 8, and 10 inch. I supported the tiers with fat boba straws and a wooden dowel going down the center. I created homemade buttercream icing and colored it to suit my needs. I frosted each tier myself. Then my Mom helped me with the piping work on the cake. I was very pleased with our first cake attempt. I am sure I have lots to learn, but I can tell you now...I've picked up another hobby! LOL!
 The 'K' and 'S' cake toppers were purchased at Hobby Lobby.
 Didn't Mom do a fabulous job of piping the zebra print?! I think it made the cake! I don't know what I would do without my Mom! She is amazing!
 Up close...still need to work on my icing technique, but it was yummy!
 I bought this pink cake server at Hobby Lobby as well. Mom tied a zebra print bow on it for me.
 We added matching window coverings for the big day too.
 Here is another view of the ceiling.
 The table...
 I bought this candelabra in the party section at Hobby Lobby. I added pink taper candles to it.
 I created the table confetti myself out of paper and bling.
 All of the partyware is from Party City.
 More of the table...
 We used black tulle to tie a black bow around each of my Parson's chairs.
 More of the ceiling. I used pink/black/zebra print crepe paper.
 I bought this chandelier in the party section at Hobby Lobby.
 Another view of the party room...
 Here is a little grouping of items my Mom has made for Katie Scarlett's doggy condo...an ice block night light, a treat jar for dental bones, personalized subway artwork, and a post it note holder.
 Mom made this sign to hang outside on our lampost.
 We laminated this one to protect it from the weather.
 Just love the little zebra!
 We added balloons to the light past as well.
 Me and the birthday girl!
 We had such a wonderful time!
 I sure do love my Yorkie! She is the biggest blessing in my life!
 I made her outfit myself. I mixed a pantsuit and a tutu for this one.
Here is the outfit after I finished it...
Me and the birthday girl by her cake...
 My Happy Family...Brandon, Katie Scarlett, and Me
 I love these two! They mean the world to me!
 Here is Katie Scarlett's custom made pupcake for the party. I had this custom made just for her from The Gourmet Doggy shop on Etsy. It is made with all organic, dog friendly ingredients. I added the cake topper myself.
 They made the top zebra print and put pink 'icing' on the side! It was perfect!
 "Mom, I want to sit here!"
 "Ah, that's better! Now I can see all the action!"
 "Growing into such a pretty little lady!"
 Me, Mom, and KS
 Best Buds For Life!
 My parents; Ronald and Carol
 Katie Scarlett loves her grandparents!!!
 Here are our sweet neighbors...Jake, Kara, and Amon.
 We all had a blast!
 Katie Scarlett digging into her pupcake....
 She loved it!
 "Yum! Mom, this is so good! I shall lick all the icing off first!"
 "Yea, hold it for me...that's better! Yum, Yum, Yummy!"
 Next, Katie Scarlett helped me 'cut' the cake slices for our guests!
 We have so much fun!
 After the party, I had one tuckered out pup! She had a blast though!
I hope my baby girl had the best birthday ever!!! Mommy loves you sweetheart!

And thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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Creative M said...

OMG!!!OMG!!!I LOVE it!!All the party decor is FABULOUS!!!She is a Lucky and a Cutie Doll!!!The party favor were Awesome!!!Her Lil Dress is adorable!!!I absolutely Love everything!Great Pictures!!!TFS


Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Oh my goodness Aymee that is some party! Wow look at all the decorations and party favors! LOVE the cake and looks like the party girl loved it all. TFS this special day with all of us.

Jenny's Heart said...

Y'all outdid yourselves! So much fun and you took over the man cave too...lol Brandon loves his ladies :)

Melissa Hurdle said...

OMG! That's the cutest thing ever! Happy Birthday Katie, you have an awesome mommy!

Lisa said...

WOW, what gorgeous decorations and Katie Scarlett looked beautiful. It looked like it was a fun time. Very cute idea. LOL

Barb Smith said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate your little one's first birthday. I love the zebra stripe theme. Even your Mom wore her black and white top to blend in. Great decorations - I particularly love all the zebra decorated cookies and table decor items.

Barb from Toronto, Canada

Nancy said...

Aymee you are fantastic. Katie Scarlett is one lucky young lady to have you, your husband and your parents as family and to show her all this love. WOW decorations and all the goodies are just great. Love the pictures. Nancy

Audrey Frelx said...

OMG-OMG!!!! Aymee, Katie Scarlet is just way toooo adorable! It's been a year already?!!!

I'm amazed at how gorgeous everything is for the party -- can I say you outdid yourself? Everything just looks GORGEOUS!!!

Aymee, wanted to stop by to say "hi" after my lenghty absence. Hadn't forgotten about you and I'll be back soon.


UnderThePaperStack said...

Just have to say absolutely adorable love the colors!!!