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Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Dress!!!

Hey guys! Well, I had to share this! I am learning to make dog dresses for my Yorkie, Katie Scarlett. Now, I am not a seamstress by any means. I took a beginners sewing class a couple of weeks ago and bought a few supplies. I have sewn many times on paper with my scrapbooking projects, but not much with fabric. It kind of makes me nervous, but I am determined to learn!

I attempted my first dress last week, but lets just say it was pitiful! LOL! It wasn't even wearable! So with lots of help, I gave it a second try. Now, this one I am sharing now is not perfect. I made a few boo boo's, but I am learning. And at least this one is wearable! Tee hee!

I used this McCalls pattern. I chose to use the pattern to make a dress like the pink one shown here on the front...
I purchased this yellow fabric at JoAnn. I love yellow on Katie Scarlett. It looks so good with her darker fur. You'll have to excuse her messy hair. She was such a good girl and played all day long while Mommy sat at her sewing desk.
 The back has a d-ring so I can attach a leash on this dress. It also has a fabric bow. I didn't even get to the fabric bow part on the first dress. LOL! So at least I made a little progress with this one. I need to work on keeping my stitches a little straighter, but I'm getting there.
 Here is another view of the back...
 Here is a view from the side. I wish the dress were a bit longer. I may work on that next time.
 She loves her new dressy!
So, what do you guys think? Is it ok? I sure did try! I have to admit...this sewing stuff is addictive!

Have a great night!

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Cricut Couple said...

Well, you did a wonderful job! She looks very proud to be showing it off. What a ham!!! Hee! Hee!

barbsmith2536 said...

You did a fabulous job making this yellow dress. I noticed all the details that you added too. Great job. Looking forward to seeing seasonal wardrobe items for Katie Scarlett.

Barb from Toronto, Canada

Karen L said...

Okay, you know how everyone has at least one guilty pleasure?? Mine is reading all about Katie Scarlett!! Your dress is fabulous...(and she knows how cute she looks in it too). The length seems just fine to me .. a nice, short, flirty dress for spring! I have a malti-poo (Toby), and I made him a halloween costume when he was only 2 months old. He didn't care much for wearing it..because he's not as fashion conscious at Katie Scarlett!

Jona Panesa said...

so cute!!! loved the print and color of the fabric!

Dawn said...

Great dress!!! Yellow is definitly her color. You did a wonderful job. Hugs, Dawn