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Friday, November 21, 2008

BRRRRR!!!! Baby, It's Cold Outside!

BRRRR!!! It is chilly up here in the big PA!!! We actually got some snow today! It was pretty while it lasted, but most is gone now. How's everybody doin'? Good I hope. I am still a little sick. The body aches are gone, but I can't quit coughing. This congestion mess is the pitts! Yuck!!!!! I have been decorating some more today. I hope to be done either tonite or tomorrow. But I think Brandon is wanting to go and eat Mexican food tonite, so it may be tomorrow. Hope all of you are having a beautiful weekend! Oh, and one more thing, could I please ask for your thoughts and prayers for a couple friends of mine. Two of the girls I scrap with, Katie and Jamie, were in a car accident this afternoon. They both are ok, thank goodness, but have some bumps and bruises. Both are pretty shaken up. So just say a prayer for them and there families if you could. Thank you soooo much! Yall take care and have a relaxing weekend! I will post pix of the decorating when I get done too! Love ya!
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Kray said...

Sorry about your friends. Glad they are ok....said a quick prayer for them. Have fun eating mexican food.....don't forget the chips and salsa for me....lol

Carter'smomaw said...

Cant wait to see what youre doing and am glad your friends are OK

how was the mexican food is it as good as casa or rancho